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Green Team
by posted 09/04/2019

Ok, SO ..

I am trying this again. I sent two emails out last night and they didn't seem to go anywhere. 


Thank you all for your help last night! It seems like this will be a fun season for the kids and they are all really interested in playing. At every practice we will work on a variety of skills (hitting, throwing, catching, stopping the ball, etc). The kids are 4, 5, & 6, so I really just want them to have fun and develop an interest in the game. T-ball can be hard to get into because it is so slow moving, so I want all of them to have fun. 


Three rules that the league made us aware of:

1) Every kid hits at every game

2) There are no outs

3) Always throw to first base


We will have a roster, thank you Liza, at each game and will rotate it. We will also have snacks, thank you Liza for making the list. The practices will be every Tuesday at 6 at Little A Field, and the games will be every Saturday either at 9:30am or 11:30am (last night i said 10:30am because that's what I was told but we are going by the calendar and the calendar says 11:30am). http://www.nmybbsb.com/schedule.asp 

We will hopefully have our shirts by saturday for the game, but just in case we don't please send your child in a green shirt. We are playing the Orange team so even if the shirt is blue/green that will work. They should also wear pants, no shorts. They can be baseball pants or just regular sweatpants. I am always open to parent volunteers at practice and at games and open to hearing drills/strategies/etc.


Thanks again! And please respond to this email so i know it worked this time.


Samantha & Chad

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green team
by posted 09/03/2019

Hi All, 

i am attempting to email through the NMYB site, and also from my phone, so please forgive any typos/errors. 


Thank you you to everyone that helped with practice tonight! This is my first time coaching t-ball but it will be fun and the kids definitely enjoyed themselves. Our practices will be on tuesdays from 6-7pm on Garrick Little A Field. I will be there, and if I am not there my husband Chad will be there. Our first game is this Saturday September 7 at 10:30am at that same field. We hope to have our uniforms by then but there is a chance that we will not. We are playing against the orange team so please where green or as close to green as your child has. 

Liza (thank you!) is organizing a snack list and we will rotate weekly for games. The game schedule is on the NMYB website and our games will be every Saturday at the same field at either 9am or 10:30am. 

Some league rules I’ve been made aware of, and just so everyone knows:

1) Every kid hits 

2) There are no outs 

3) Always throw to first base 

This is tBall and we will be making sure every kid has fun and feels included while they also learn how the basics. If you have any ideas for drills or strategies to practice I am all ears and always willing to have help from other parents. 

If you get this, please respond to this email. Thank you! 


Samantha Conway

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Samantha Conway 
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