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Travel team participation can be a very rewarding experience for players, parents, and coaches, alike. As implied, travel team participation, particularly district team, requires dedication as teams will play a very competitive schedule with baseball or softball activities scheduled 5-6 nights a week, sometimes more. Most often travel to neighboring towns is required. However, travel may extend across the state, region, and in rare instances, the country, should teams advance in tournament play. A typical season for most will begin the second week of May extending through the second week of August. Players are expected to attend all practices and games unless extenuating or compelling circumstances prevent them from doing so. Coaches must be informed of these instances, when possible, understanding that emergencies may preclude timely notification.

As an organization supported by and comprised of members of the community, travel team players, parents, and coaches, represent the town of New Milford as well as the travel program. Accordingly, proper conduct and good sportsmanship are required at all times. Behavior to the contrary will be reviewed by the league and a decision will be rendered to prevent similar conduct in the future.

The league and travel program is dedicated to creating opportunities and an environment that fosters growth and development for all of its travel players through a combination of experiences. However, due to the competitive nature of the travel schedule, playing time will be determined at the discretion of the coaches. We ask that parents and players respect their coach's decision regarding playing time as the circumstances and level of competition may vary throughout the season. Please understand that travel team participation is a team commitment and decisions will be made accordingly in the best interest of the team.

Furthermore, selection to a district travel team for a given season provides no guarantee that the player will be selected for future teams. All players wanting to play on a district team are required to attend annual district team tryouts at which time their skills, attitude, and overall aptitude for the game, will be evaluated.

As always, we want to thank you in advance for your interest in and dedication to the travel program. Please review this opportunity, along with program expectations and guidelines, with your player.