Sponsored By:   NM Police Union

8U/ROOKIES Softball

8U/ROOKIES Softball is for participants ages 6-8.  Players who are 6 that would like to participate in this league must have played at least one year of Tee Softball OR request an evaluation by the Softball Commissioners to determine eligibility (using criteria from above). Participation at this level gives the girls an opportunity to develop their fundamentals and play competitive softball. Girls will be encouraged to play all positions including pitcher and catcher.  Equipment required at this level includes batting helmet, bat, glove, and a fielding facemask.

This league will be predominantly Coach pitch, however, girls are encouraged to learn how to pitch and will be given an opportunity to try out their skills during games.  The diamond will have 60-foot base paths with a 32 -35-foot pitching distance (depending on skill level).

Team Rosters should range between 8-12 players, however, competitive play will allow for 9 on the field.  Games will be played with other teams in the New Milford Softball League as well as neighboring towns. Some travel will be expected.

It is our goal to improve upon the expectations of Tee Softball and encourage our players at the ROOKIES level to master a few basic skills.

At the conclusion of our season, we want our ROOKIES players to be able to:

  • Understand the basic rules of softball

(Three outs, foul ball, fair ball, out, safe, etc.…)

  • “See the ball and Drive the ball” while in the batter’s box
  • Understand the concept of Hands above the ball while in the batter’s box
  • Run with urgency through first base after hitting the ball
  • Demonstrate a proper base running stance while on the bases
  • Execute a successful lead from the base upon the pitcher’s release
  • Move to field a ground ball and throw with general accuracy to the correct target/base
  • Hold their glove in proper position to catch whether above or below their waist
  • Catch a thrown ball to complete a force out at a base
  • Catch a pop fly tossed by a coach
  • Keep their body behind a groundball when fielding

At the conclusion of the ROOKIES season, the coaches as well as the Softball Commissioners will form an “all star team.” This “all star” team will play an extended season of at least three tournaments and a few possible extra games. Since this will be a “pilot” year, the NMYBBSB league will do what they can to make this a positive experience.