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12U/Majors Softballs

11, 12 year olds. 60-foot base paths and 40 foot pitching distance.

Hopefully, by the time our girls reach the Majors Division they have begun to develop a love for the game, which involves recognizing and appreciating how fun it is to play with teammates and the sense of accomplishment that comes with working to improve their skills, while realizing personal and team goals.

At completion of the Majors Division, an New Milford Youth Softball Player should possess an understanding of nearly all aspects of Softball, including how to approach and prepare for practices and games, how to execute drills, a working knowledge of the key rules of the  game, skills at multiple positions, an advanced understanding of the execution of offense and defense, and most importantly an enjoyment of the game, which allows our girls to compete at the best of their abilities, while displaying sportsmanship on and off the field.

By the end of the season, we want our Majors players to be able to:

  • Execute common hitting strategies per ball/strike count and runners on base. 
  • Execute advanced offensive strategies and tactics including sacrifice bunts. 
  • Consistently anticipate and execute the proper play on defense.
  • Field a hit into the outfield and make a throw to the correct base.
  • With teammates, execute a proper cutoff play on a hit to the outfield. 
  • Go back on with a drop step and catch a fly ball hit by a coach (using two hands) 
  •  As a catcher, execute all the responsibilities of the position, including making strong and accurate throws to appropriate bases to deter base stealing. 
  • As a pitcher, execute more sophisticated techniques and strategies, beyond the simple basics of a proper pitching motion.
  • Understand more advanced softball training drills both on and off the field.
  • Understand coaching strategies and offensive/defensive signals.
  • Honor the game with respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self (ROOTS). 
  • End the season having enjoyed the experience on the team and looking forward to next season.