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Travel Tryouts

Hello everyone,


We will be having tryouts for 9U,10U, and 11U on Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st.  We ask that you please pre-register your child with the head coach before hand. It is important for our league that you register as soon as you can with your coaches so we are aware of how many people will be on the field inorder to help us maintain our social guidelines. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


9U- June 20th on A field 3-5pm. June 21st on C field 12-2pm. 

Coach Greg Lasser 


10U- June 20th and 21st on C field 6-8pm both days.

Coach Chris Biszantz 


11U- June 20th and 21st on E field 3-5pm both days. 

Coach Kenny Steller 


Thank you

Patrick Wood 

NMYBBSB Travel Coordinator

by posted 06/01/2020
Online Registration

6U Coed T-Ball

Rookies 8U Baseball

8U Softball

Minors 10U Baseball

Majors 12U Baseball


by posted 05/25/2020
NMYBBSB Announcement
I am happy to say that we have been given the green light to move forward with planning our NMYBBSB baseball and softball seasons!!  This e-mail contains extremely important safety standards and operational procedures that are necessary for us to move forward in this process.  These are not to be taken lightly - it is imperative that we follow all protocol to ensure the health and safety of of our NMYBBSB community.   
If the Phase I CT re-opening process goes according to plan, our official "Opening Day" will be Saturday, June 20th - the governor has indicated at that point we will be permitted to congregate in groups up to 50 people.  The season will run until approximately August 1st.   
**All fields and batting cages are NOW OPEN to all NMYBBSB LEAGUE players - by reservation only.  Please contact Bryan Shanks at   to reserve an open practice spot**
NOTE:  It is the parents' responsibility to monitor the health of their player(s).  If a player (or coach) is exhibiting symptoms of possible exposure to COVID-19, such as fever, they should not come to any NMYBBSB activity until such time as the participant has been tested and/or cleared. 
- EACH PLAYER must have a signed Babe Ruth Waiver on file (attached to this e-mail) with the coach before participating.  https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/19354/96634.pdf
Please fill out and send back to 
- The total practice time given per team will be a maximum of 2 hours.   
- During allotted practice time, each field/batting cage will consist of 4 players and 1 coach (or 3 players and 2 coaches - but the important number is 5) at any given time.
- This will allow a team of 12 to operate in 40 minute time frames.  It is the coach's responsibility to ensure that these small groups DO NOT physically cross paths as one group leaves and the other arrives.  For example, you may choose to end in the batting cage so the exiting group can leave from there, and the incoming group can enter onto the field.    
- There will be 1 hour scheduled between each practice to allow for proper exit of the previous team.  We ask that BOTH teams be respectful of one another.  Please exit the field when when your scheduled practice time is over.  Any incoming team, please DO NOT enter the field until your designated practice time, assuming the prior team has completely exited the field.  PLEASE do not take advantage of the scheduled down time - this is specifically built in to the schedule to ensure we adhere to the current health and safety guidelines that are in place. 
- DUGOUTS will be CLOSED for the entire season.  Players will hang their equipment on the 1st baseline and 3rd baseline fences. 
- There is to be NO SHARING OF EQUIPMENT!  Catchers gear will be addressed by each individual team.  If there is a player(s) in need of a helmet, bat, glove or face mask (for softball) please let us know.
- Parents are asked to drop off the player at the designated field and remain on the road side of the fence.  Please try and refrain from walking your player to the field, as we attempt to limit contact as much as possible during these first few weeks.  
OPERATING PROCEDURES FROM  June 20th through July 20th:
- Full team practices will be permitted.  
- Parents remain on the road side of the fence.
- 1 hour "passing time" between practices will remain in effect. 
- Dugouts will remain CLOSED
- Only 1 parent per player will be permitted (a parent coach is excluded).  In addition, we ask that siblings not attend either.  We recognize that this may be difficult for some families.  If it is necessary to bring them, we ask that they remain with you in the outfield - not traveling in groups from field to field or playing in the parking lots.  (Please understand that this is very difficult for us to implement - under normal circumstances we encourage as many fans as our fields will allow!)
- All parents must watch the game from beyond the outfield fence and try to adhere to the 6 feet social distancing guidelines as best you can.  No parent will be permitted to be on the first base or third base sidelines, or anywhere near the home plate backstop.  Anyone can watch from a car parked along the road. (This doesn’t count towards the one parent.)
- The players will use the bleachers on the 1st base and 3rd base sidelines - they will not be accessible to parents or fans.  
- The parking lots at the fields will all be CLOSED - gates CLOSED.  PLEASE be respectful of this!  All parking will be in the lots across the street. 
- There will be no team huddles after games. All players, coaches and parents must leave field at conclusion of game.  
**All in-house schedules will be posted on the NMYBBSB website by June 7th.**
**Travel Teams - your coach will be reaching out to you over the next week with information on how your seasons will proceed.**
**Tryouts for Travel Teams not yet established will be announced soon!**
- All previous practice and game protocol remains in effect, with the exception that players will be permitted an additional fan at games.  At this time it is predicted we will be permitted to congregate in groups up to 100 people.
Any family that does not feel comfortable having their player(s) play baseball/softball this year, please contact me by May 31st at  .  This will allow us ample time to make any necessary adjustments to the rosters. If your decision is not to play, there are two options:
Option #1 -  100% of this years registration fee can be transferred to the 2021 spring season.
Option #2 - receive a pro-rated refund (less the uniform, player insurance and credit card fee). 
We are in constant communication with Mayor Bass and Health Director Mike Crespan, and will implement any further guidelines as necessary. 
Thank you in advance your patience and understanding as we navigate through this unchartered territory,  Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment for our NMYBBSB community to get back on the fields and play the game we all love!!!
Bryan Shanks
NMYBBSB President

by posted 05/23/2020
Online Raffle

As many as you know, the league was unable to hold our annual league fundraiser this past March. The fundraiser helps offset the many expenses the league has. The league will be holding a raffle to raise money. The raffle drawing will be held via Facebook live Sunday June 7th. 

Tickets can be purchased a couple ways. 

Contact Bryan Shanks at bryan.shanks@yahoo.com 
Credit Card or Check is accepted 

or by clicking the link:  


(I believe you need to be signed into your Nmybbsb account

Tickets are $20 for 25 tickets. 

Passes for Bounce & Thrillz
Family 4-pack (bank street theatre)
$50 certificate & Gift basket Christie & Company
$50 certificate to Colosseo
Passes for on track karting
60 minute message NM Body Therapy 
$25 certificate to three brothers
$25 certificate to cookhouse 
Private Santa experience 
$50 certificate to target #1
$50 certificate to target #2 
$25 certificate to cobblestone 
Derek Jeter picture
Giggles & Gowns mini session 
Custom made “Home” sign
Custom made red, white & blue home plate
$25 certificate to Bad Dream brewery
5 bottle red wine basket
Goat boy soap basket
4-some to Rock Ridge Country Club
Gift basket carousel sweets #1
Gift basket carousel sweets #2
$30 certificate o’connors
Arbonne gift basket 
New Milford Basketball gift basket w/registration 

Thank you for your support in advance!!


by posted 05/05/2020
League Update

NMYBBSB Families, 


I hope you are all safe and healthy during this time of chaos and uncertainty. I know we all would have loved to be out on the ball fields this past weekend. Unfortunately, as of Sunday, April 26th all NMYBBSB programs remain postponed; however, as soon as our state officials give us the green light, we will be ready to go!  Most news reports seem to be fairly positive and trending in the right direction, indicating that we will soon be back out on the fields. This will be a gradual process, however, and social distancing and/or PPE measures will most likely be implemented throughout the season. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation and patience as we adjust to whatever new safety protocols will be put into place.


The optimistic projection is that we will begin June 15th; due to the adjusted timeline, the in-house and travel baseball/softball seasons will run simultaneously through the summer months. I will work personally with our league commissioners to do our best to avoid conflicts. Minors and Majors baseball will play two games per week primarily on weekdays, leaving weekends available for travel baseball. T-ball and Rookies will play once during the week and once on Saturdays. The softball schedules are still being worked out, but will most likely follow the same pattern. Our intention is to have all of in-house games completed by the first week of August, allowing for families to plan vacations; however, that will all depend upon whether or not we can begin on June 15th.


A friendly reminder that all fields remain closed at this time. We will continue to keep the lines of communication open and send regular updates as needed.  Please continue to stay healthy and keep you and your families safe. 


Bryan Shanks

NMYBBSB President 

by posted 04/27/2020
Background checks

Background Checks

Thank you for volunteering. All coaches and board members are required by Babe Ruth to undergo a background check. If you are new to coaching, or if you haven't completed this check within the last 3 years, please click the picture below to find the application and fill it out as soon as possible.  The cost to complete the background check is $10. The league does not receive any information from your background check other than pass or fail and that information will be kept strictly confidential.   


posted 10/01/2014
Know the rules

One of our goals is to provide a safe and pleasant experience for all our players and guests. Below is an outline of our premise policies. We appreciate your help and compliance with these rules. 

  • Dogs—There are no dogs permitted on the property at any time. Anyone with a dog inside the property will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Bicycles—There are no bicycles permitted on the property.
  • Smoking—The fields are designated as non-smoking. There is no smoking permitted on the property. 
  • Alcohol—Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted on the property. 
  • Trash—Please remember to pick up all your trash and throw it out in the garbage pails located around the fields. Also, remind your kids/players that they are responsible for leaving the dugout areas clean for the next teams. 
  • Parking—All parking is at your own risk. Also, please DO NOT park in front of any gated areas. Emergency vehicles need to have immediate access to the space at all time. Keep in mind that cars parked on the street may be ticketed or towed by the Police.
  • New Milford Farms Field Parking—There is no parking between Fields B and C. There are a lot of families and children that take advantage of the Snack Bar and our tented eating area. For their safety, this area is now closed. Please do not open the gate to park here. Parking should be in the parking lot across the street from the fields. 
  • New Milford Volunteer Field Parking—Parking for Volunteer Field is at the Bulls Field football parking lot. Please do not park on Boardman Road. The parking lot behind home plate is designated for the New Milford head coach, his named assistant and two umpires. Please refrain from pulling into the coach’s lot to drop off players for practice. 

posted 10/01/2014
Coaches Training

Coach's Training

All coaches must be certified by Babe Ruth. If you have already taken the course, you do not have to take it again. The certification program is available online at www.baberuthcoaching.org. 

Due to league guidelines, anyone that has not completed the course will not be allowed on the field.

Babe Ruth League, Inc. programs, nationwide, are required to annually conduct a background check on all managers, coaches, board of directors' members, as well as any other persons and volunteers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.  The purpose of these background checks is, first and foremost, to protect the players. 

posted 10/01/2014
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